Protect SWF Flash files

Obfuscate Actionscript

Compress SWF

Lock SWF with specific Domain

Identifier Renaming

Optimize SWF

Strings Encryption

Flash Secure Optimizer & SWF Defender

Supports Flash 1 up to (Adobe Flash CS6.0) and ActionScript 1, 2 and ActionScript 3

Flash Secure Optimizer is a software for protecting ActionScript and compress SWF both in one with this product.

SWF Defender is a software for protecting ActionScript inside the SWF files.


This software does a fantastic job of obfuscating my AS3 flash application code. It also lets me customize what variables and functions that I want to encrypt.

ATK Solutions Inc

The support is also excellent. I notice it actually makes my SWF files smaller not larger which is also a hugh loading bonus from a technical perspective.

John Doe Flash game developer

Latest news

Flash Secure Optimizer 2.4.11 released
SWF Defender 1.3.19 released